Culture Fund

Countries of the former Eastern Block are awash with gifted musicians. These young students are mostly not able to take part in a masterclass in central Europe. They have, however, a great desire to reach a deeper understanding of European culture at its place of origin.

In some countries, even music academies may not be in possession of accurate scores ("Urtext") of works by Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, which are essential for the serious study of their music.

The Swiss association derecha - Kulturförderung (promotion of culture) assists gifted students in financial difficulty. Through the Weidenkam Culture Fund scholarships (full or partial) are awarded, for participation in the Weidenkam masterclass and more. For several years, a growing circle of friends of the arts have been making generous donations, thus making our work possible. The scholarship applicants have to prove their ability with a recording and a recommendation by their teacher. To date, scholarships have been given to students from Poland, Rumania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia. Funds permitting, eligible candidates from central Europe are considered as well. By supporting deserving artists, derecha is contributing to the conservation of our cultural tradition and musical heritage.

We gladly accept donations for the Weidenkam Culture Fund, however small. Thank you for your bank transfer into account 568365.01K ("Sommerkurse Weidenkam", CH-8492 Wila)
at bank UBS in CH-8400 Winterthur
(bank code 257, IBAN CH640025725758636501K, BIC/SWIFT-Code UBSWCHZH80A).

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.